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Always up-to-date, accurate and detailed maps for your sites
Simple, fast, clear
At the heart of API there is the Leaflet library, the most lightweight, intuitive and the fastest one among all the libraries we know.
Leaflet modules
Clastering, heat maps, animated markers and many others. Did not find the one you were looking for? Create your own — it is very easy.
Open Source
Both API 2GIS and Leaflet are open-source. Let´s create the best maps API together.
A good company
Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr, Pinterest, Github and thousands of other sites use Leaflet.
More than a thousand of people every day update 2GIS maps so that they remain maximally complete, up-to-date and most recent.
Click on every building
Any object of 2GIS map is clickable. Building callout, for example, will show its full address, post code, number of floors, the list of companies and a link to create a route.
A million of entrances
Not only any road, street or building in the city, but also the key companies, fences, gates, lifting gates, kiosks, private roads and even entrances to the buildings.
Mobile Ready
API 2GIS works perfectly on mobile phones and tablets
API 2GIS works perfectly on mobile phones and tablets
Small size and fast downloading even if the connection is slow
Touch events
Correct event processing, including pinch-zoom
Hardware acceleration is used specially for mobile devices
Safari for iOS 7+; Android browser 2.2+, 3.1+, 4+;
Chrome for mobile; Firefox for mobile; IE10+ for Win8 devices.